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How to write a feature article

How to write a stellar feature article?

Feature article is an article which has an insight on the people, places, things, opinions, and other important elements of our daily lives.
Feature article ranges from showcasing emotions, a real life story to an outlook of an experience. It has a human touch to it.
Unlike a regular academic essay, an article will have more stories that get covered supplementing necessary facts and sources. To know the fine line between an article and an essay, follow this link.

Characteristics of a feature article:
1.The story that is covered is based on facts.

2.It uses elements like charts, images, diagrams which will bring out the article into better scope of area.

3.The article which gets published must be analytical in nature and should have a bent of mind towards critical thinking.

4.It has the elements like an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.

5.Feature articles must have anecdotes present in them which will have a better impact on the readers.

Types of feature writing:
Writing comes under the sun. With its vastness that can be witnessed, feature writing has its own types that need to be focused upon. The various types of feature writing are:

1.Writing about a personality

2.Stories related to technology and science

3.Stories related to news

4.Articles regarding How-to do and What-to do

5.Lifestyle articles 

Simple steps to feature a feature article in a spectacular manner

1.Get a topic to start with: To start writing a feature article, a topic must be chosen, there are several topics available online which can become a source for finding the topics.
The topics chosen must be interesting to read and informative at the same time.

2.Research on the topic chosen:  After choosing a topic, it must be researched upon. Researching information for a topic is a crucial part hence only reputable sources must be cited or used.

3.Draw an outline based on the research:  Upon the researched points that are collected, there must be an outline which should be created. Outlining helps in forming the structure of an article. It gives a clear idea of an article should be presented to the readers.

4.Write an introduction: The first section of an article is an introduction section. This section must contain what the topic is all about. It should not delve into the topic but should give out the essential information of the topic.

5.Include paragraphs in a body section: The critical part of an article is to include paragraphs in an article. A body section must contain two or more paragraphs which will have an in-depth explanation about the topic that is being written.

6.Conclude with a conclusion: Conclusion section is the last part of an article which must be concluded convincingly. It is a step towards the end which must be planned and executed properly.
It must include all the necessary elements such as summary or the gist of it, the experiences that can be drawn from it, and a powerful end line which will have an impact on the overall article.

Tips to include while writing a feature article

1.Include active voice: It is encouraged to use active voice while an article is being written. Energy and directness towards the subject being focused can be gained if active voice is utilized.

2.Have headings that catch reader’s eyes: There must use of catchy headlines which will help in catching the reader’s  eyes. These headlines must have the gist of what exactly that section has to say.

3.Have transitions between each paragraph: Transitions between each section is significant. Including these transitions will not build a link between them but also acts as a hooking aid to catch reader’s attention.
Some examples of transitional sentences are The point is, In my opinion, that is to say etc.

4.Pose different set of questions which will help in digesting the news properly: Journalistic words such as how, what, where, when ,why must be used or taken into consideration so that it will help in circulating the news to the targeted audience in a proper way.

5.Have a follow-up: Having a follow-up on the answers that were given by the people you interviewed for will make a huge difference to the article. This will allow to use it in the editing process to add up more information.

These are few of the tips that can be included while writing a feature article

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