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How to write hook sentences

How to write a hook statement that will make your essay glorious?

How do I write my essay so well that it receives accolades? How can I make myself better to write the best essay? These are some of the most common questions that are asked by the students while an essay is to be written.

The first few sentences; they decide the credibility of the complete essay. Audience or the readers in general judge the whole essay just by reading the first few sentences. This does not mean that the whole essay will lose its meaning; it will only lose its readership.
As you can see, if you have read the above lines and reached till here, then I must say, I have succeeded in hooking your attention towards this article? Haven’t I?  Now what is a hook statement?
Why do I have to write hook statements? To know more about these questions, read along.

What is hooking?
Hooking is nothing but grabbing the reader’s eyes with catchy headlines.  This is a term that is generally used very casually but it’s a real challenge to implement it well in the essay. 
The sentences which are used to hook the sentences are called hook statements. These are to be placed in the introductory paragraph so that it catches the reader’s attention.

Easy ways to write hook statements

1.Ask a question: To begin with, all hook statements cannot be the same. There is no fixed formula to write successful hook statement. But there are certain ways to write hook statement, one of them is to pose a question.
Questioning or asking something which an audience can relate to is the first successful step of creating a hook. Not every topic necessarily has to start with a question mark but few of them should have this trick.

2.Have more descriptive words: Including descriptive words or catchy headlines is another way of hooking the readers to the essay that you have written.
This is very important to understand that descriptive words, flowery descriptions must be utilized only in some types of essays such as descriptive essays, narrative essays etc. Academic paper must have minimal usage of this.

3.Induce interest: The main idea of writing a hook statement is to induce interest. The first step is to select a topic.
Based on the topic chosen, derive the essential points out of it. These points must be condensed together so that it forms hook statement.

4.Stress  on an informative point:  The main point which is informative as well as eye catching must be selected. This must be used it as a hook. This is one of the easiest tricks that can be used to write hook statement.
Another tip that can be given is to write the whole essay without taking much stress about hook statement. Once an essay is written, its gist or essential thing must be taken out. This must be used to form a hook statement and add it in the editing stage.

5.Strike with a chord: The hook statements that are to be written must strike a balance with what is being written. It must not go off the track to make it look interesting.

6.Continue the curiosity: Hook statements are just the introductory statements which are added in the introduction section. This must not end with this section.
It must continue till the end of the essay. There are many forms of hooking the readers; they can be transitional sentences, arguments and thesis statement. The major point is to continue the curiosity that is created.

7.Start with a quote: The best tip that could be given is to start the hook statement with a quote.

8. Start with a small anecdote: Anecdote is nothing but a short piece of story or a description of any occurrence or an event. 

9.Surprise them: Surprise elements works for any write-up. For writing a hook statement too, the surprise element must be added so that readers will be further interested to read.

10.Implement active voice: Writing an essay using active voice will help in making it even more effective. Click here to know how to use active voice in your essay.

These are few of the tips which can be helpful while writing hook sentences for an essay. 

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