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How to write outline of an essay

How to write outline of an essay in just a few hours?

What does outlining an essay mean?

A perfect essay is a blend of many elements which when put together makes it a successful one. Outlining an essay is one such element of an essay which helps in creating a proper structure for it.

It acts as a framework to support the content being written. It is a procedure which puts the researched content into a pattern allowing the content to get a better shape. 

Purpose of outlining an essay:
After discussing the meaning of an outline, it is important to know the importance and purpose of it. Here we have few purposes mentioned which will help in making an essay better.

1.Flexibility to write an essay :
Before writing an essay, the content collected must be organized in a proper manner. This allows in creating a good essay.
Outlining provides flexibility in creating an essay giving it a standard and presentable appearance.

2.Gives a pattern to follow:
While writing a perfect essay, it requires good content. With this, it requires a pattern so as to present the content in a required format. Outlining gives an essay a pattern to follow, this helps in writing an essay with ease. Click here to know how to research for a topic.

3.Saves time to write an essay:
An essay needs good researched points which will help in writing a quality essay. If an outline is prepared to write these researched points in a format, it saves lot of time, thus can be focused on informing readers with good content.

4.Clarity to an essay:
Outlining an essay will logically build an essay giving clarity to the topic being written. Thus it becomes important to focus on content and outlining the content.

5.Bringing content together:
The main purpose of outlining an essay is to dividing the content into parts or sections and wisely bringing it together as one.

7 essential things for writing the outline of an essay
1.Understanding the question:
To outline an essay, the question must be read properly to understand what answer it needs. Only then an outline for the researched content can be created.

2.Serving the purpose:
The purpose of outlining is to increase credibility so that it increases the readers. Thus understanding the real purpose must be understood so that it becomes easy to write an essay.

 3.Concentrating on the structure of an essay:
When an essay is written, it must focus on a prescribed structure to present the information. Content must be divided into sections for ease of writing using Roman number (I, II, III) or numerals (1, 2,and 3).

Example breaking the body section into a paragraph further separating it with arguments and subordinate points.

4.Must have a major point:
Every essay will have a major breakpoint which will take it to a higher level of readability. This major point must be included in the write-up which should largely speak for/against it based on the topic.

5.Researching on the given topic:
 To give complete information for an essay, an in-depth research must be done to it so that it enhances the quality of it.

6.Breaking the points:
Once information is collected, the collected information must be broken into points. This will help in structuring an essay in a better manner.

7.Transitional sentences:
It is very important to have transitional sentences included which will conjoin each section of an essay. These transitions between each section will hold the information properly.  

A sample outline of an essay:

                                             1.A introductory paragraph with hook statement
                                             2.A thesis statement

                                             1.Paragraph 1
                                             i.Supporting arguments
                                             ii.Subordinate points

                                             2.Paragraph 2
                                             i.Supporting arguments
                                             ii.Subordinate points

                                             3.Paragraph 3
                                             i.Supporting arguments
                                             ii.Subordinate points

                                          1.Restating the whole essay
                                          2.Proving the credibility of an essay

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