Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Improving the essay writing skills

How to improve essay writing skills which will give your essay a makeover?

Essay comes under formal writing. Meaning, they are written with specific rules set for it. It is different from other set of writing such as articles, blogs. The difference between these set of writing makes it crucial to understand on how to write the essay.

Potential skills are required to write an essay. Below is the list of things written to improve the essay writing skills.

15 easy yet effective ways to improve your essay writing skills

1.Standard formatting policy:
There are standard formatting policies such as standard font and size, appropriate margins on both the sides and using correct spaces that should be followed.

Click here for an example. This not only makes it look presentable but it is to be noted that, formal writing requires such standard.

2.Use of words with responsibility:
 A writer knows what words are to be used in what circumstances. Formal writing like essay should have words which are formal in nature. There should be a shallow use of contractions such as “can’t, won’t, shan’t". 

3.Being strict about the structure:
Structure takes the prominence here. Like in articles there is freedom to play with words and independence to write in any form, essays don’t allow writing in any random manner (though articles are bound by headings and sub headings).
There follows some specific structure and rules that are to be followed. The structure includes introduction, body section (with 2 or more paragraphs) and a conclusion.

4.Hook the readers to read till the end:
Such should be the writing where it urges the readers to hook onto the essay and finish reading it. For this, there must be good writing skills, proper grammar utilized.

5.Adapt to the writing which the audience demand:
The writing should captivate the audience with the topic chosen, by the writing skills and by appropriately conveying the message.

6.Proofreading the essay:
The essay must be proofread well. There is no take for poorly structured writing and essays with grammatical mistakes. Hence going through the essay at the end to just check if there are any error is wise.

7.Break down the complexity:
Using complex words is often treated a sophisticated way of writing. But the catch is to break down the complexity and reach the audience in a lucid manner. Complexity only reduces the bandwidth of the reader’s interest.
Famous essayists could deliver their approach and thought with flair because of this concept.

8.Following the outline:
Outlining allows the writers to follow up the topic more precisely. It lets them to write the points and the information in a specific manner.
It is like a skeleton for the essay that brings ease in creating good writing.

9.Read on others’ essay:
Reading essays from different sources gives an insight on how they are written, what structure has been followed, how much is the essay proofread. Hence more reading leads to better writing. 

10.Brainstorming on ideas:
To write an essay, a topic must be decided. Topics must be chosen wisely. Discovering the topic and writing well enough on it is the point. To choose a topic, books can be chosen. Internet can also be explored to write well. 

11. Practice, practice and practice:
As the saying goes, practice makes man perfect; essay writing can be improved, if more and more different kinds of essays are written and practiced. From the mistakes, things are learned. This way essays can be written, getting better day by day.

12.Setting a milestone:
These milestones should be achievable. Short term goals for improving the essay writing skills are the way to go.

13.Focus on creating original and non-redundant essays:
The essays written must be original and engaging. Redundant data in an essay makes it a low quality  one.Original essays tend to be read more and followed more.

14.Strict no to plagiarism:
As per the internet rules; it is an offence to copy the content from other writers. If any content is used, they must be cited or referred, owing to copyright issues.

15.Building more of vocabulary:
Building vocabulary is not just limited to learning complex words but also using it to break the complexity of a subject making it simple to understand. 
Grammar must be learned to understand the English language which will help in writing better essay.

These are the tips to learn the better way of enhancing the essay writing skills. Just be sure to use them before writing your next essay!

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