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How to write an exploratory essay

How to write an exploratory essay in a simple manner?

What is an exploratory essay?
Exploratory means to explore something. Here a problem of an essay is explored. More than solving a problem, an exploratory essay brings in a perspective into the problem which will help in finding a solution. There is no specific objective or a goal for an exploratory essay but just a platform to explore different ideas and perspectives of a topic.

Introspective mind is required in order to write an exploratory essay. Here the writer is allowed to explore a topic in all different manners and in different angles.

Characteristics of an exploratory essay
1.Exploratory essays do not bring conclusion or an exact solution but different perspective about a problem.
2.It explores an issue hence no arguments are required to prove any point.
3.Exploratory essays do not have a thesis statement.
4.It uses a neutral tone to express.
5.Exploratory essay does not focus on a particular point to convince the readers but highlights significant aspects of an essay topic.

5 Steps to write an exploratory essay 

1.Find a topic to write: To start writing an exploratory essay, a topic must be found. These topics can be found online or other platforms. Such topic must be chosen which should not be biased over an opinion. Instead,it must present different set of ideas and opinions on the topic being written.

2.Prepare an outline: An outline must be prepared in order to write an essay. The outline must consist of an introduction section, body section and a conclusion section. This will help in forming an essay in a better way.

3.Include the perspectives:  The next step to write an exploratory essay is to include your opinions, perspectives, and ideas. These ideas must be presented in a non-biased manner. This will allow it to have a proper meaning, giving it a new dimension.

4.Introduction section: The first part of an essay is the introduction section. This section must introduce the topic that is being written. It must have necessary elements such as a hook statement to attract the readers.
As opposed to other types of essay, an exploratory essay should not have a thesis statement. As thesis statement are written in order to prove something.

5.Body section: Body section of an essay must consist of content which should be divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph must stress on the point that you are trying to make.
Usually,an exploratory essay consists of 3paragraphs in the body section.

6.Conclusion section: The last part of an essay is a conclusion section.This section must have sufficient points which will bring light to the topic that is being written.
Instead of restating the introduction section, it must bring out the gist of the topic. 

Example topics of an exploratory essay

1.How to manage time effectively.
2.Should the government take more responsibility towards the citizens?
3.What are the effects of over pampering a child.
4.Benefits of staying in a joint family.
5.Effects of advancement of technology over family life.
6.Equality between men and women.
7.How to save nature from destruction
8.What are the best strategies for studying?
9.What is the effect of globalization?
10.How to stop injustice over poor people? 

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