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Formatting an essay into Harvard style

How to format an essay into Harvard style?

It is an incomplete research paper which is not properly formatted. To format in a standard style there are several formatting styles available. Out of them, Harvard formatting style has been given the primary importance. 

Harvard formatting style and its importance:

Harvard style of formatting is one of the most simplified formatting styles which has been accepted by most of the universities worldwide. The main objective of writing a paper in Harvard style is to provide proper citation and referencing. There must be an inclusion of in-text citations which must direct the readers towards the paper in a proper way. 

The other important reasons to format an essay are:

1.Support the arguments laid with facts or proof by referencing it.

2.Allow the readers to view the sources cited for investigative purpose.

3.Protect yourself from plagiarism. 

Formatting an essay into Harvard style:

  • Indentation:Indentation is required for the better appearance of a paper which is written.To indent a paper, all paragraphs must begin with flush. They must always follow double spacing throughout the paragraphs.
  • Margins:For the margin, the paper must be 1” of margin from all the side (i.e. top, bottom, left, right) you must sure enough to double space all the lines. 
  • Spacing:For better understanding of the paper, it is encouraged to write with double spaces throughout.
  • Paper size:Paper size must be 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Font:The content must have 12 pts as its font size and font can be Arial or Times New Roman. This will make it look presentable.
  • Page numberings:Page number must be flushed to the right.Numberings are important as they make it more readable and easy for reference.  Page number must appear on the top right of every page. Numerals like 1,2,3 must be used instead of Arabic numbers like I, II, III.It is advisable to add  “- the number -“ while page numbers are added.
  • Alignment:The alignment always should be fixed to the left margin of a page. It must never be justified which is a bad practise of formatting
  • Figures and table:Adding figures and tables in the paper will give it more clarity. They must be closely placed where they are cited.

Sections of Harvard reference style: 

The following are the elements that are used while writing a research paper using Harvard reference style:

 1.Header: For the header, the cover page must have three below three lines and must be in bold type.

 1.Essay title
 2.Author’s name
 3.College name

2.Title:A title for a paper is as important as the content being written. From the beginning of the document which is prepared, there are page headers which should appear on top right of the page. Other important things to cover are:

3.Introduction: This section contains all the important elements to start an essay. It must contain a hook statement so that it can hook reader’s attention.

4.Thesis statement: This is an element of an introduction section. Thesis statement is required to support an essay like a hypothesis. Thesis statement created in the introduction section must be continued throughout an essay which is written.

5.Main Body: This section being the most part of essay must be written with three or more paragraphs and supporting statements. It is suggested to use tables and graphs as per the standard Harvard formatting style.

6.Headings: APA uses headings to separate information appropriately and connect them well. Each heading must contain individual information properly indented with other formatting necessary.            

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Formatting an essay into Harvard style

How to format an essay into Harvard style? It is an incomplete research paper which is not properly formatted. To format in a standar...