Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to differentiate a legit essay writing website from a scam?

How to save yourself from scam websites? 

Internet has brought the world together. Everything can be achieved using the fingertips. All the possible services that a man could think of, are now available online. With many advantages, there comes the risk of finding legitimate service.

Students have found an easy way of writing assignments. Instead of writing them, they buy them online through essay writing services. 

These have become an easy access for the students who have difficulty in completing their assignments. There could be many reasons behind this, lack of sufficient time, lack of good writing skills, and lack of researching skills to write an essay. To overcome this, many essay writing websites are now being looked upon as a reliable source.

What are the differences in Legitimate essay writing website v/s scam writing services?  

Things come in good and bad terms. Even essay writing service has two sides to it; the legitimate writing service that provides students with solutions and scam writing service that cheat them just to encash their business out of it.

How to differentiate between legitimate and scam websites?

It is very hard to differentiate a legitimate website from the scam website. But if we pay closer attention to their clashing similarities, we can be far away from getting cheated.

How to differentiate between a legitimate essay writing service with a scam one? Here are few of the striking similarities they have but enough not to be fooled.

1.Looking at their website layout:
Legitimate: Their website looks appealing and has the unique way of representing information.

Scam: Their website might not look very appealing and has shabby appearance and wrong information represented.  

2.Looking at the quality of the writing:
Legitimate: The essay writing service which represents quality writing and claims to provide best essays will have quality wordings included on their website. 

Scam: If the website contains content which is of substandard, it is a clue to take up that is a fraudulent one. Such websites must be ignored.

3.Checking the review about them:
Legitimate: There are websites which review about the legitimate services. Good review about them is a sign that it can be trusted to try their service.

Scam: The obvious things that can be predicted with scam websites are that they will have negative reviews about them. This is a caution to be taken seriously.

4.Checking if the company is registered or not:
Legitimate: Such sites which are legitimate will be a registered company and will have all right to sell their service. They must be given a check based on this.

Scam: These websites will not be a registered company hence care must be taken not to trust them.

5.Eye check for privacy:
Legitimate: Legitimate services concentrate more on providing service than on earning profits. Such websites do not ask for too much of personal information such as credit cards, debit card repeatedly.

Scam: As opposed to the legitimate websites they repeatedly ask for personal information much to the dismay. This is one of the ways to cheat students. 

6.Copyright policy:
Legitimate: Websites which abide by the copyright policy must be trusted as they do not resell the content to more than one people. Such websites give the students the authority to own the content.

Scam: To make money, same paper is sold to different clients thereby increasing the act of plagiarism. Such websites should be avoided.

7.They should be contactable:
Legitimate: There are several ways to get in contact with them. Their physical address, live chat support system and phone service. All must be contactable.

Scam: The websites which are fake will have a problem in being contacted. This leads to getting cheated very easily.

8.Proof of writing:
Legitimate: The websites must contain sample writings. These sample writings will showcase their best writers.

Scam: Such websites should be given a miss which will skip displaying the sample writings as they do not have experienced writers who can write well.

 9.Who outsource communication:
Legitimate: The websites which are reliable do not outsource their customer support because they believe in one to one communication.

Scam: These websites usually assign the support system to the third party. Such services are not worth a try.

10.Too less pricing:
Legitimate: Essay writing services which give prompt service do charge their work at affordable cost, but charging extremely low is a caution which is not genuine.

Scam: To attract students to buy their service, they charge too less for the work. This comes to a knot as the paper that they give will be plagiarized content already shared with many students. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Features of an essay writing service

How to choose best essay writing services? 

Best essay writing services are chosen by students to complete their assignments. Often, the essays are bought online because of lack of time, less knowledge on the subject.

Because they have lot of advantages, there are several essay writing services which have emerged on the internet. The main reason to choose them is the efficiency they have to complete the assignments in lesser time.

But why are they so popular among the college students? What makes them unique to buy an essay from them? Between these questions, the thing that remains most important is choosing the best website out of hundreds of websites. 
Here are some of the features explained of essay writing companies which will help the student to choose the best and take advantage of their premium service. 

15 quality features of essay writing service:

1.Premium quality content:
The most important feature of essay writing service is their quality of the writing. Best essay writing service hires excellent writers who write content from scratch.Click here to know the importance of qualitywhile writing. 

2.Non-plagiarised content:
They hire writers who write the content from scratch. Plagiarism is an offense by which universities get offended very easily. As the content is written from scratch, students need not worry about content being copied or sentences being paraphrased.

3.No hidden cost:
Genuine essay writing websites concentrate more on service than making profits from students. As opposed to fraudulent websites, trusted companies do not charge anything extra once an order is taken. Such websites must be ignored which charge unnecessarily troubling the students.  

4.Writers from known universities:
Expert writers are hired by best essay writing services who have graduated from known UK and US universities.

Because they are native writers, they understand the universities and their requirements and adapt to the style that students refer to. The proficient writers who write the essay will have masters’ degree and Ph.D.

5.References and bibliography:
A highly regarded essay contains references from reputable sources. These references and inclusion of bibliography in the write-up will make the essays original and unique in nature.

6.On time delivery of content:
To be ahead of time and knowing the value of it, trusted essay writing services deliver the content on time. Students, who have less time to submit their assignments, must choose the one which manages to deliver it properly.

7.Standard reference style:
Universities expect students to adhere to the standard reference style and write their assignments accordingly.

Writers who write content from the scratch refer to standard styles such as APA, MLA, and Harvard among others. This encourages the proper formatting of an essay. 

8.Confidentiality policy:
Out of many policies that every essay writing service must follow, confidentiality policy is an important one.
 According to the policy, confidential information such as the name of students, their personal details such as credit card and debit card numbers, their university should not be revealed anywhere nor should it be shared with third parties.

9.Research experts:
The writers must be qualified to write an essay. Certain subjects like law, medicine, and science demand expertise in that particular subject area. Only research experts who do extensive research on the particular topic must be chosen. 

10.A wide range of service:
Essay writing services which provide services of diverse subjects and who deliver different types of services must be chosen. Different types of writing services which can be mentioned are essay writing, assignment writing, thesis writing, journal reflection, and dissertation to name a few.

11.Secured payment option:
One of the disadvantages of online services is insecurity while making a payment. The payment gateways must be secured with 128 bit SSL version so that the transactions do not get hacked and payment gets smoothly done.

Essay writing services which adopt such security measures should be chosen.

12.24/7 availability:
They must have round the clock service which serves its clients and their requirements. To be in contact there can be either live chat support system or phone services.

13.Revision policy:
Revision policy lets students get a custom paper by revising the written content. Writers who have the writing ability must be able to handle the requirements as specified by the students.

14.Affordable cost:
With providing the best service, essay writing companies must also keep in mind the economical conditions of students.

Students should choose the essay writing services which offer them service at affordable prices. This will let students gain knowledge and get best assignments both at the same time.

15.Sample writings on the website:
Best writers who have proven experience in writing the essays will always few or more of their writing sample writings published on the website. The essay writing service which has such examples of writing must be chosen.

These are top 15 features to find in the best essay writing service

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Qualities to note while buying a paper written by real professionals

How to buy a paper written by real professionals?

When writing an assignment, certain formal procedures are required to be followed. Sometimes, students cannot complete their assignments given to them; due to time constraints, lack of subject knowledge or lack of writing skills. Thus a professional help is required to complete the unfinished task. Essay writing services are the best source to find professional writers. They cater to a large audience with varied types of assignments.

Internet is now taken by enormous services which target potential customers; assignment services being one of them. Globalization has helped the students in a better way. While buying an essay too, certain checkpoints are to be noted. It is to be made sure that an essay is written by real professionals.

How to find such professionals? What are the qualities that need to be looked upon in a writer? Below are few of the qualities in a writer that will result in getting the best paper to submit into universities.Click here to find out the characteristics of good writing.

10 best tips to consider while buying a paper written by real professionals

1.Who write a paper from scratch:
Professional writers write a unique and engaging paper from scratch.

2.Relevant experience in academic writing:
Good writing comes with years of experience; professional academic writers who have relevant experience in the particular subject area are the best resource to get the paper written.

3.Portfolio or samples to prove their best writing:
Samples will be available on the website which shows their proven experience in writing. This way, the best writer can be filtered out of other writers.

4.Within the time frame:
Professional writers are the one who maintains professionalism in their work. Quality writers complete the given task within the stipulated time allotted.

5.Referring to reputable sources:
To write a paper, in-depth research is required. A topic can be well written only if proper reference is referred to while writing it. Professional writers find best resources to write the best paper for their clients.

6.Best use of language and great writing skills:
A write-up becomes from good to better by best use of language and good writing skills. Professional writers use suitable writing style and skills to write the best paper. 

7.Writers who hold masters’ or Ph.D. degree:
With proven writing experience, it is also important for the writer to have a master’s degree or Ph.D. This gives students the confidence that their assignments will be written well.

8.Handling the client’s requirements:
Best essay writing services will have revision policy which allows students to interact with the writers to clarify their doubts and modify the content accordingly. Professional research paper writers must be able to handle the client’s requirement well thereby delivering proper content.

9.Adapt to different reference style:
Quality writing will always adhere to standard format as per required. References style such as APA, MLA, and Harvard are used by writers to draft formatted essays.
The quality to adapt to different reference styles comes only to an expert writer.

10.Plagiarism free content:
Universities and colleges find plagiarism as a serious offense. This can result in a bad experience if students caught for buying plagiarized content or write paraphrased write-up.
Professional writers from custom essay writing service take to note about this issue and deliver plagiarism free content to their clients. Because a paper is written from scratch, it is impossible to find any kind of errors or duplication in an essay.

These are few of the points that needs to be considered while buying essays online

Monday, February 13, 2017

Helpwritinganessay,an essay writing service at its best


Students get afraid with the thought of completing an assignment with stringent deadline ahead of them. Due to various reasons, they will not be able to submit them on time or complete them.

To help such students who are under stress of completing their assignments, Helpwritinganessay brings a range of service which helps in providing better results for students.

Services of the website:
To cater the best to students, they offer to write assignments on various subjects and of different kinds. Their service includes writing a research proposal, essay writing, journal reflection, and thesis. They are expert in providing quality essays which are noteworthy.

Features of Helpwritinganessay website:

1.High-quality essay:
They always manage to create high-quality content. This makes them the best website available online. Efficient writers write the content which proves their experience in the essay writing industry.They hire best research paper writers to provide quality research paper. 

2.Content is proofread:
A team of writers write excellent quality write-up and a team of proofreaders check the quality of the essay. Proofreading is required as there might a silliest chance an error occurring in the content.

3.Written from scratch:
Before the content is written, the topic is researched well beforehand. Plagiarism is avoided as the content is written from scratch. Experienced writers know the importance of originality hence give utmost importance to writing content from the beginning.

4.Before the deadline:
Because of their prompt service, they always deliver the assignment ordered by students on time. This leads to saving time for further revision on work.

5.Money back option:
If clients are unsatisfied by their assignment or if the order gets delivered late, they are entitled to money back option. This is one of the good features of a genuine website.

6.Nominal  service charge:
Helpwritinganessay believes in providing optimum service at a nominal fee. They have been giving the excellent result to the students who have now become their existing customers.

7.Referring and inclusion of bibliography:
A well-formatted essay contains good references and a list of bibliography at the end of the essay. This is a formal way of writing an essay. Helpwritinganessay always mentions these basic requirements thereby increasing the quality of an essay.

8.Customer support:
One of the great services available, customer support systems keep the clients updated about their orders. A quick live chat support or a reliable phone service, Helpwritinganessay can be reached using both these ways.

The prices vary for different requirements. Look at the screenshot below which gives an example of their service that they offer.
Price factor depends on the number of pages, the subject, the topic, type of assignment to be written, the deadline by which it should be submitted.  

Payment mode:
Payment can be done via credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, or net banking.

With nominal fee charged for their service, they also offer 20% discount on the first order. These facilities are provided to benefit students and help them in writing their assignment.

Many websites are present online to provide service. But Helpwritinganessay stands out from other services. Because of their prompt approach towards credible work, they will be the service provider in the long run. Try their service once to experience the best.

Testimonials and ratings:
Daisy said, “My friend tried this service and told me to their service. Thank god I chose them! They have an incredible passion for delivering the best content to their clients. We’ll definitely give a try once again.”
Johnson rated it 4.7 out of 5 and said he would love to return to them for his next assignment.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How buying essays online is not against law

Is it cheating to bu essays online?

E-commerce has become huge, attracting the world towards it. Business is now running on the network. Every sector being involved in it, even accessing education is on the fingertip.

Students access the internet for various purposes.To clarify their doubts, learn new things online and even complete certified courses, such is the advancement of the internet. With so much of advantages, essay writing services have added a feather to the cap. These services let students buy their assignments from them for a reasonable price.

Buying assignments online? Is it not against law?

A question that arises in the minds of every student before buying assignments, will it become a way of cheating? Is it illegal to buy the assignments to submit it to the universities?

No! Read further to know why buying essays online is not against law

We object to these questions and bring clarifications on how buying assignment is not illegal. Below are few of the points which suggest that essay writing services can be a boon or a bane; it is how an individual takes it.

1.Universities seek originality and practice of non-plagiarism:
The lecturers expect their students to learn something of value in their course, with of course, writing their assignments on their own.
Due to lack of knowledge of the particular topic, less knowledge on writing an assignment, students may fail to keep up to the standards and turn to essay writing service for the help.
It is not against the law to buy them because the content produced is written from the scratch. It becomes an act of plagiarism if the work is copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody.

2.Work to be regarded as reference:
Essay writing services help the students to learn and not to cheat. The content that is produced by the writers must be used as a reference for the further writing.

It becomes against the law if the work is submitted to the universities as it is, clearly indicating cheating done. However, students are advised to work on the reference to bring originality in the content.

3.Guidance from the professionals:
It is not against law to take help from the professionals. The only purpose of buying an essay online should be to learn something new and write even better with time.
The techniques that the writers use must be learned by the students. As mentioned above, the work must be used as a reference for submission.

4.Against reselling policy:
The essays that are bought online by the students become their property. Hence it is not against the law to buy them.
It is the responsibility of the essay writing services to abide by the rules of not selling the same work to other clients. This reduces plagiarism with a minimal offense on the internet.

5.Benefit for the non-native students:
Students from all over the world study in abroad universities. It is obvious that English will not be the first language for most of the students. This leads to a major problem for completing assignments.
By purchasing essays online, the non-native students are benefitted to score better thereby increasing their writing skills. It is not against the law as the writers help them in doing their assignment.

These are few of the valid points which suggests that buying essays online is not against law. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Can I pay someone to write my paper?

Can I trust somebody to write my paper?

The most common problem that all students face is the stress of passing the exam with good numbers and writing good assignments for the extra good marks. Perhaps it would be helpful for the students if the stress that they handle can be halved. To get relieved to some extent, students can rely on online essay writing services.

The essay writing services are available to provide excellent write-ups written by subject experts. Now the question appears that is it worth paying for a service? Is it legit enough to trust these websites to buy assignments from them?

Yes! There are few trusted essay writing services which write assignments and help in getting better grades. Here are few of the reasons why buying an assignment online is worth it:

Qualities of the best essay writing services

1.High-quality content:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they produce quality content which can be submitted at the university. They start from the scratch to deliver the proper result to the student. Every website has their set of pricing but all charge fairly the same.

2.On time delivery:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they deliver the assignment assigned to them on time. They know the acute pressure of meeting the deadlines, hence will duly complete the assignments that are to be submitted by the students.

3.Expert writers:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because the papers are written by the subject experts. Each writer holds an exceptional academic qualification. They research on the topic in depth to write the assignments.

4.Adapting to required reference style:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they adapt to different reference style such as Harvard, APA, MLA etc. Each university has their grading system and follows a proper format in which the assignment should be submitted.

5.Unlimited revision:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because the writers who draft the write-up take time for the revisions required. Students can ask for unlimited revisions provided that the write-up is unsatisfactory.

6.Direct communication:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they facilitate the students to communicate with the writers directly. This way, if any doubts arise in the middle of the order, they can contact each other for any corrections to be made.

7.Non-plagiarized content:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they write the content which is non-plagiarized. This means that the student will not get caught for buying the assignments. This leads to having a unique content to write the further assignment for the students. 

8.They provide a reference for further work:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they provide content which should be further used as a reference for completing the assignments. Most of the students fail to understand that the real motive of the essay writing service is to teach students and not help them to cheat.

In a way, the content written by the writers are often passed off as it is by the students to the universities. Care should be taken to avoid this.

9.Proper citations and references:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they provide proper citations and references to the content for further reading. This also prevents plagiarism and hence only unique content is delivered to the students.

10.A wide range of service:
Paying the writing service is worth enough because they render service to wide range of topics and a wider range of service type. Some of the services that they provide are assignment writing, essay writing, research proposal, lab report etc.

These are few of the qualities that must be noted while you are considering to pay someone for writing your essay.

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