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How to construct sentence for writing an essay

What are the ways of constructing sentences for writing an essay?

What is a sentence?
A sentence is a unit or group of words, phrases, clauses. Written in a sequence, a sentence is an important part of English grammar. It becomes necessary to construct good sentences to write an essay. Though a sentence may look tiny but when they are clutched together knowing its appropriate usage, it can form a beautiful essay.
How to write the best essay by properly constructing sentences? How to write formulating ultimate sentences? Here is an article which helps in writing an essay and how to construct sentences for the same.

Importance of sentences in an essay
1.A structured sentence gives a complete meaning thereby communicating impactful information to the audience.

2.An essay which is coupled with complex sentences along with compound sentences makes it more interesting to read; it basically hooks the readers to continue reading the essay.

3.A sentence helps in building link within an essay. Thus it builds a logical connection making it clear to understand.

Types of sentences:
1.Declarative sentence- A sentence that informs a facts or a point is a declarative sentence. It ends with a full stop.

2.Imperative sentence –A sentence which gives a command or a polite request is an imperative sentence. It ends with either exclamation mark or a period.

3.Interrogative sentence- A sentence which poses a question is an interrogative sentence. It ends with a question mark.

4.Exclamatory sentence- A sentence which conveys an emotion along with presenting facts. It ends with an exclamation mark.

How to construct sentences? A step by step guide

1.Note on punctuation marks: Appropriate use of punctuation marks in a sentence will help in building a better sentence. Each punctuation mark has its own importance. Below are some important punctuation marks which must be taken note of:

1.Period(full stop)- It indicates the termination of a sentence.
Example: I went to the Disneyland.

2.Comma- It indicates merger of two clauses or words. Each clause is dependent on each other hence must be connected.
Example: She came here by noon, went back only by evening.

3.Question mark- It indicates a question being posed.
Example: How are you?

4.Colon- it lists the series of items.
Example: These are the items in the menu: Pizza, French fries, and coke.

5.Exclamation mark: It indicates an expression or an emotion
Example: Hurray! We won!

2.Use transitions words:  Transitional words are important linking words which are very useful while forming a sentence. Transitional words link two sentences thereby giving a clear meaning to the essay being written.
Example: Even more, as long as, either way, namely, so on and so forth, however, such as, further, for example etc.

3.Use conjunctive words to merge sentences: Conjunctive words are the words which conjoins words, sentences, phrases, clauses. These conjunctions help in building relation which makes up for a better essay.
The conjunctive words are: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

4.Usage of verbs: Usage of verbs in a sentence will have more impact than other parts of speech. Verb means an action.  An action indicates energy and directness in an essay. Thus making use of verbs will be useful.

5.Include compound sentences: A compound sentence is a sentence which contains more than one subject or a predicate. These compound sentences must be utilized so as to increase readability of the essay.
Example: The sky is clear; the stars are twinkling.

6.Include complex sentences:  A complex sentence is a sentence which contains an independent clause and at least one dependent clause.
Example: Even after twenty years, he had not forgotten her.

7.Use the types of sentences effectively: As mentioned above, the types of sentences must be used effectively. These sentences behave differently from each other hence must be used according to the situation. 

8.Workout on the tenses: The tenses in English grammar must be thoroughly read. These tenses are helpful in building a meaningful sentence. Click here to know more about it. 

9.Make use of parts of speech properly: The parts of speech namely noun, pronoun, adverb, verb, adjective, interjection, conjunction, prepositions, article. These must be used appropriately which will make an essay better structured.

10.Clever use of simple sentences: A simple sentence is one single independent clause that derives one single meaning.
Example: I went home early today.

These are few of the tips assembled to construct sentences for writing an essay.

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