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Important components of an essay

How to write a successful essay?

To achieve writing best essays, a lot of factors are to be considered. These factors will help in building a great essay which serves the rightful purpose.

The strategy behind writing a successful essay consists of several components which when combined produces an optimal result. 

Here in this article, we discuss major components of an essay which will uplift the quality of an essay. These components must be organized to form an effective essay.

What are the important components to be included in an essay?


Being one of the major components, a topic is the one which induces an essay. Opinions can be expressed only when a topic is given to write upon it. The topic can be anything; merely discussing a thing, describing an experience, writing in-depth of a subject. This will be the start point to initialize an essay.

Research is significant in drawing readers closer to facts and displaying accurate information providing thorough proof. Usually, when a topic has to be written, it must be first researched for information, this will allow in writing in-depth about it.

3.Thesis statement:
The heart of an essay lies in a thesis statement. Thesis statement(s) are written in the beginning of an essay which should easily grasp reader’s attention. It acts like a hook which must hold the content to be written till it ends.

Not only it must be informative, the content must also look presentable. To help in making it look appealing to eyes and have more readability, formatting styles are used. 
These formatting styles add the proper tone to it which will increase the chances of making it a better essay. Follow this link to find tips on formatting an essay.

5.References and sources:
Essays written from scratch are better read and approved by universities quickly. This will discourage plagiarism, which is the root cause of degraded content.
To make it original and unique, an essay must have references and sources cited from a reputable source. These will let the reader know further about the topic which is referred. 

6.Editing and proofreading:
Once a draft is made on the topic chosen, it is now very important to edit it with necessary changes to be made. Editing is an important stage where the major changes happen and the topic gets a clear transition from draft to content, finally being called a perfect essay.

Proofreading is also a part of creating an essay. This is like taking a test drive of a newly built car just to make sure it rides well with no problems ahead. There are several proofreading techniques available which will help in over viewing an essay well one last time, before it is to be submitted or published somewhere.  

7.Evidence/proof for an argumentative essay:
There are certain essays which require a strong evidence to be shown to prove its credibility. Argumentative essays should always contain facts, statistics and a glimpse of brief history of the evidence that is being written. 

8.Analysis on the question or topic:
An in-depth analysis is required for certain topics. Analysis of a question or a topic is expressed through words in an essay.
These analyses are supported by a cause and finally ended with an effect. This makes it convincible to readers to believe on the facts written.

An essay has to be written in a prescribed format. Words are woven together and placed in a standard template also called as a structure.
The structure of an essay includes an introduction part, a body section,and a conclusion. This is the basic format which is to be filled with relevant information.  

10.Transitions in the essay
This is also an important component of an essay which binds it together. Transitions are important as they build a link between each section and carry forwards the content to further sections.

These are 10 important components of an essay whicg must be included while writing an essay

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