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How to differentiate a legit essay writing website from a scam?

How to save yourself from scam websites? 

Internet has brought the world together. Everything can be achieved using the fingertips. All the possible services that a man could think of, are now available online. With many advantages, there comes the risk of finding legitimate service.

Students have found an easy way of writing assignments. Instead of writing them, they buy them online through essay writing services. 

These have become an easy access for the students who have difficulty in completing their assignments. There could be many reasons behind this, lack of sufficient time, lack of good writing skills, and lack of researching skills to write an essay. To overcome this, many essay writing websites are now being looked upon as a reliable source.

What are the differences in Legitimate essay writing website v/s scam writing services?  

Things come in good and bad terms. Even essay writing service has two sides to it; the legitimate writing service that provides students with solutions and scam writing service that cheat them just to encash their business out of it.

How to differentiate between legitimate and scam websites?

It is very hard to differentiate a legitimate website from the scam website. But if we pay closer attention to their clashing similarities, we can be far away from getting cheated.

How to differentiate between a legitimate essay writing service with a scam one? Here are few of the striking similarities they have but enough not to be fooled.

1.Looking at their website layout:
Legitimate: Their website looks appealing and has the unique way of representing information.

Scam: Their website might not look very appealing and has shabby appearance and wrong information represented.  

2.Looking at the quality of the writing:
Legitimate: The essay writing service which represents quality writing and claims to provide best essays will have quality wordings included on their website. 

Scam: If the website contains content which is of substandard, it is a clue to take up that is a fraudulent one. Such websites must be ignored.

3.Checking the review about them:
Legitimate: There are websites which review about the legitimate services. Good review about them is a sign that it can be trusted to try their service.

Scam: The obvious things that can be predicted with scam websites are that they will have negative reviews about them. This is a caution to be taken seriously.

4.Checking if the company is registered or not:
Legitimate: Such sites which are legitimate will be a registered company and will have all right to sell their service. They must be given a check based on this.

Scam: These websites will not be a registered company hence care must be taken not to trust them.

5.Eye check for privacy:
Legitimate: Legitimate services concentrate more on providing service than on earning profits. Such websites do not ask for too much of personal information such as credit cards, debit card repeatedly.

Scam: As opposed to the legitimate websites they repeatedly ask for personal information much to the dismay. This is one of the ways to cheat students. 

6.Copyright policy:
Legitimate: Websites which abide by the copyright policy must be trusted as they do not resell the content to more than one people. Such websites give the students the authority to own the content.

Scam: To make money, same paper is sold to different clients thereby increasing the act of plagiarism. Such websites should be avoided.

7.They should be contactable:
Legitimate: There are several ways to get in contact with them. Their physical address, live chat support system and phone service. All must be contactable.

Scam: The websites which are fake will have a problem in being contacted. This leads to getting cheated very easily.

8.Proof of writing:
Legitimate: The websites must contain sample writings. These sample writings will showcase their best writers.

Scam: Such websites should be given a miss which will skip displaying the sample writings as they do not have experienced writers who can write well.

 9.Who outsource communication:
Legitimate: The websites which are reliable do not outsource their customer support because they believe in one to one communication.

Scam: These websites usually assign the support system to the third party. Such services are not worth a try.

10.Too less pricing:
Legitimate: Essay writing services which give prompt service do charge their work at affordable cost, but charging extremely low is a caution which is not genuine.

Scam: To attract students to buy their service, they charge too less for the work. This comes to a knot as the paper that they give will be plagiarized content already shared with many students. 

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