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Writing a cause and effect essay

What is a cause and effect essay?

Essays are written to inform the readers with the already known information or presenting an unknown fact. There are different approaches for writing an essay. To deliver types of information, there are various categories of essays. They are called cause and effect essay, argumentative essay, narrative essay, descriptive essay etc. Each being different carries a meaning of itself.

Cause and effect essay are a type of essay which describes the cause and effect of a particular situation. It discusses the reasons (causes) of a particular thing, adds an effect or presents the outcome in a logical manner.

The crucial relationship between the cause and effect must be depicted very clearly in a cause and effect essay.

Elements required while writing a cause and effect essay:

Introduction remains a vital part of a cause and effect essay which will hook the readers to read the whole write-up. It introduces to the topic in a subtle manner leaving curiosity to read further.

2.Supporting thesis statement:
Every essay must have a supporting thesis statement which will hold the essay together. Such statements must be 2 or 3 sentences of length. It must build an essay with strong use of words.

3.Body section:
This is the most crucial part of an essay. Body section contains the “meat” of cause and effect essay. Here it must contain all the necessary facts, arguments collected presented in a lucid manner. The cause and effect must be well represented here giving clear meaning to the topic being written.

4.Causes and effects statements in the essay:
These are the bits of a body section and must be present for providing the actual content required; that is the cause and effect of a situation.

5.Hook statements:
Hook statements are necessary for any write-up. These sentences which are written must hook the readers to read further. They must be engaging enough to provide with what a reader wants and gather interest simultaneously. 

6.Analysis of a situation to write down the cause and effect of it:
This is an element which takes up the whole essay to a higher level. The causes and effects mentioned in the essay must be analysed properly to bring justice to it. 

Steps for writing a cause and effect essay:

Step 1.Choosing a topic
The first step to write an essay is to choose a topic. Cause and effects is a type of an essay which requires elements which have a cause and an effect to it, only such topics must be chosen on which information can be deduced.

Step 2.Researching on the topic
After a topic is chosen, the next step is to research on the particular topic. This will be time-consuming as it needs valid points and facts to be presented than just bare words to fill in to write an essay. Follow this link on how to find good resources to write essays.

Step 3.Preparing the outline
An outline must be prepared to fit in all the researched points. Structuring the essay allows in making it presentable and at the same time lucid for the readers to read it.

Step 4.Writing the introduction part
An introduction part must be written with a hook statement. Introduction part is crucial to write as it must catch reader’s eye. This is the beginning of an essay which should look appealing to continue reading.
To make it more engaging,hook statements must be added.

Step 5.Transition to the body section
Once an introduction part, it must continue to the body section. This section will contain the heart of content. The transition from introduction part to the body section must be cleverly written which will bind them together. 

Step 6.Inserting the cause and effect statements
In the body section, cause and effect statements are present. These statements will prove the validity of the cause for an object and effects on it.

Example: What is the cause for global warming? What are the effects of it? The critical points must be discussed in a critical manner bringing down necessary points.

Step 7.Asserting the supportive arguments to the cause and effect
To write cause and effect for an essay, there must be certain arguments which must support its validity.
These subordinate points in the body section of an essay must be put in a concise manner letting the readers know the exact content that is intended to deliver. 

Step 8.Concluding with a convincing conclusion
After the filtered information is built in the body section, last part of a cause and effect essay must be presented in a responsible way.
Conclusion to any essay remains very important as it justifies the whole essay with a convincing conclusion. It must be crafted in such a way that it binds complete content in a precise manner.

Step 9.Organizing the elements together
An essay cannot be complete without a string that attaches them together. These statements which bind each section together are called transitional sentences. Such sentences must be present in every section which will combine the whole essay as one.

Step10.Proofread the content
Lastly, after all the elements are added to a cause and effect essay, the only thing that remains is to proofread its content. Proofreading is required in order to correct any errors that occur while writing it.

Examples of cause and effect essays:

Examples of cause and effect essays:

1.Ozone layer depletion and its effects on nature.

2.A good movie can create positivity in an individual.

Here you will find a link to a sample cause and effect essay.

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