Thursday, February 9, 2017

How buying essays online is not against law

Is it cheating to bu essays online?

E-commerce has become huge, attracting the world towards it. Business is now running on the network. Every sector being involved in it, even accessing education is on the fingertip.

Students access the internet for various purposes.To clarify their doubts, learn new things online and even complete certified courses, such is the advancement of the internet. With so much of advantages, essay writing services have added a feather to the cap. These services let students buy their assignments from them for a reasonable price.

Buying assignments online? Is it not against law?

A question that arises in the minds of every student before buying assignments, will it become a way of cheating? Is it illegal to buy the assignments to submit it to the universities?

No! Read further to know why buying essays online is not against law

We object to these questions and bring clarifications on how buying assignment is not illegal. Below are few of the points which suggest that essay writing services can be a boon or a bane; it is how an individual takes it.

1.Universities seek originality and practice of non-plagiarism:
The lecturers expect their students to learn something of value in their course, with of course, writing their assignments on their own.
Due to lack of knowledge of the particular topic, less knowledge on writing an assignment, students may fail to keep up to the standards and turn to essay writing service for the help.
It is not against the law to buy them because the content produced is written from the scratch. It becomes an act of plagiarism if the work is copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody.

2.Work to be regarded as reference:
Essay writing services help the students to learn and not to cheat. The content that is produced by the writers must be used as a reference for the further writing.

It becomes against the law if the work is submitted to the universities as it is, clearly indicating cheating done. However, students are advised to work on the reference to bring originality in the content.

3.Guidance from the professionals:
It is not against law to take help from the professionals. The only purpose of buying an essay online should be to learn something new and write even better with time.
The techniques that the writers use must be learned by the students. As mentioned above, the work must be used as a reference for submission.

4.Against reselling policy:
The essays that are bought online by the students become their property. Hence it is not against the law to buy them.
It is the responsibility of the essay writing services to abide by the rules of not selling the same work to other clients. This reduces plagiarism with a minimal offense on the internet.

5.Benefit for the non-native students:
Students from all over the world study in abroad universities. It is obvious that English will not be the first language for most of the students. This leads to a major problem for completing assignments.
By purchasing essays online, the non-native students are benefitted to score better thereby increasing their writing skills. It is not against the law as the writers help them in doing their assignment.

These are few of the valid points which suggests that buying essays online is not against law. 

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