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How to write a CCOT essay

How to write a CCOT essay very easily?

What is CCOT essay?
CCOT essay stands for “Change and continuity over time”. It is an essay which is used in the AP world history exam.
It is an essay where there is a comparison between two periods. Here it becomes important to differentiate between two time periods. Comparing the cinemas of 90’s and 80’s is an example of a CCOT essay where two generations of cinemas are discussed and compared with the continuity that it follows.

Elements of a CCOT essay

1.Thesis statement: Thesis statement is an important element that must be included in the CCOT essay. The thesis must contain how from x time period there are changes that occurred to y time period.
There must be inclusion of continuities also which will have a huge impact on the essay.

2.Changes and continuities: These two are the elements which are considered as heart of the essay.
Continuous is an element which indicates the one which is still running and has not changed between two time periods. Change is an element which indicates the changes that occurred during the two time periods.

3.Evidence: To prove that there are changes between two time periods, there must be some evidence. These pieces of evidence also collectively form as an element for an essay. This must be brought out in a honest manner.

Best tips to write a CCOT essay

1.Know about the topic to write: The step to write a CCOT essay is to know about the topic which is being written. Such topic must be chosen which will have the difference between two time periods. It must represent continuity as well as changes.

2.Research about the topic to be written: Once a topic is selected, it must be researched upon. Appropriate evidence must be collected in order to differentiate between two time periods.

3.Structure your essay: After researching for the topic, an essay must be structured into a proper format. Read along to know more about the format. This format must be followed properly so that the essay brings out optimum results.

4.Write the thesis:  Thesis as discussed earlier must be formulated according to the changes and continuity. Thesis forms a major element for an essay which will have a huge impact over the essay.

5.Include body section: The next step is to write the body section. This section must include content in a paragraph format. These paragraphs must include all the necessary changes and continuities explained in detail.
How an x time period differed from y period and what impact it had made in the current, what are the changes and continuities must be discussed.

6.Write the conclusion:  The last part of the essay is the conclusion. This section must be written so that an essay gets concluded in a convincing way. Here is a link which will show how to end an essay with convincing conclusion. 

Structure of a CCOT essay

Body section (change)
Body section (continuities)

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