Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Custom written essays Vs Self written essays

If you are reading this article, then maybe you are looking for some writing help for your coursework not really sure where to look for. Writing assignments is a common task which is being given to the students in colleges and universities at both undergraduate and graduate level. An assignment or course work forms a very important part in as students’ academic career.  It is given to students to test the intellectual ability and the level of understanding a student has over the subject. Therefore writing and preparing projects forms are very important for students which in turn affects his/her grades.

Writing is more time consuming than one can imagine. Coursework or assignment writing means spending a lot of time doing search for data from different sources like books, magazines, journals, internet etc. Collecting and collating all this data and presenting them in a particular style is what formal writing is all about. This can be very challenging. Students may not have ample time to do this. Besides there are deadlines, i.e. students need to submit these within a stipulated period of time.  

That is why they have to depend upon certain essay writing service firms to get help with assignment writing and to get custom essays written. This is made a lot simpler by just hiring essay writers and they will take care of the rest. They are well versed with your pattern and also updated with all the current requirements. However many students are still confused if they should hire such services or write an essay on their own. This is because many times they may be good writers, but there may be other hindrances like lack of time. Sometimes students just may not know how to write or express themselves even if they may be good at a given subject.

What are the advantages of hiring a service writer? Can it be better than self-written essays?

1. These companies have experienced and specialized team members and essay writers. They have a specific team of essay writers and professionals who work for you.
2. They even have a wide range of model essays with different styles of writing.  You may look at their various samples of writing.
3. Their services are offered at very competitive prices. They are custom made and will write exactly as per your requirements.
4. They will do your essays at the agreed deadline or sometimes even much before time with the best of the quality. You can be more relaxed and need not worry about time limits anymore.
5. Quality of these essays will be up to the mark, as they are written by the most skilled writers who will take care of all your needs.
6. These essays are absolutely plagiarism free and they will be delivered to you after proper proof read and quality checks. You will find no two essays similar to each other.
7. You can score great grades too as they will as per the required academic standards.
Whereas for self-written essays, even if the students may be good, they may lack the professional touch. They are new to writing and hence that will show in their work, in comparison to these companies.

If the students still are willing to write their own assignments but only need help for clarifying their doubts and for guidelines then that too will be taken care of.  Such companies do help students in not only writing their essays for them but also provide guidelines as how to write one, where to search and look for data, how to collate them and write them in a proper structure etc. All such kind of help will also be done by such service providers. So it’s up to the students, as to how to make use of these companies in the right way such that they can be benefitted by them. 

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