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How to write an abstract for an essay

How to write an abstract in a simple way?

Definition of an abstract:
A gateway to the research paper, thesis, dissertation, an abstract is a short summary that describes the paper which is written.

It is the summary of the whole presentation. To define the paper’s objective, an abstract must be used as a tool to communicate well. An abstract is written for writing a proposal,for a conference paper, writing a proposal for a book chapter, applying for research grant.

Why is an abstract written?
Abstract is an important part of a paper as it covers important aspects it and lets reader decide to read further. It also is used as indexing for a paper. It concisely produces the major elements of a paper therefore must be written carefully.

An abstract must be written with convincing keywords. There are online databases in which research papers are stored. These abstracts help in retrieving the papers. 

Format of an abstract:

A general way of writing an abstract contains these 6 elements which help in building it. The 6 elements are:


2.Problem statement




6.Key impacts 

Best tips for writing an abstract

1.Write the abstract at last: Though going by the format, an abstract is placed in the first few pages of the paper. It is suggested to write the paper first keeping an abstract due till the last.
It is advantageous to write abstract at last because when a paper gets complete, you will have a fair idea of what the paper is about. Hence it becomes easy to write an abstract.

2.Limited words: An abstract must be propagated within 100-250 words. It must not be lengthy which will only reduce the quality of an essay.  

3.Aim at the purpose: The main intention of writing an abstract is to justify or bring out the purpose of writing a paper. There must be explanation about goal, method and the purpose of writing a paper. 

4.Must answer the question: An abstract must answer to the question which is the topic of the paper. Hence this will guide the readers to read the whole paper.

5.Methodology and result:  The next part of writing an abstract is to write the methodologies used and what are the outcome of the paper being presented.

6.Edit and proofread the content well: Before it is submitted, care must be taken to edit and proofread an abstract. There are chances of some silliest mistakes that might draw a negative feedback on the paper.

Types of abstracts
An abstract can be written in two types. They are:
1.Descriptive abstract
2.Informative abstract

1.Descriptive abstract: Descriptive essays are not more than a summary. It consists of words less than 100.More than the emphasizing on the findings or substance, descriptive essays are written just to describe what the research paper is all about.
It does not make any judgements over the paper which is written. It always includes keywords, purposes, methods and the scope of research.   

2.Informative abstract: Opposite to descriptive abstract, an informative abstract is written to inform the readers with specific information. It must focus on the new findings, research on the key points. The essential part of an informative abstract are:

Things that must be avoided in an abstract
There are certain rules to be followed while an abstract is written. The same way, there are certain things that must be avoided. They are:

1.Care must be taken not to make an abstract lengthy. The maximum length must be up to 250 words or less than that.

2.It must be just the gist of a paper and not the whole interpretation about it.

3.Undefined abbreviations or acronyms must not be used, if used must be mentioned properly before using them.

4.Citations must not be included in an abstract.

5.Information which is not included in the work must not be mentioned.

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